A few songs that I wrote a while back (mostly over a year ago).

Desperation - My first attempt at using a drum track and admittedly it gets a tad repetitive but hopefully the guitar does enough to keep you interested.

My Angel - Sound quality is a tad dicey on this one but please be kind as this is the first time (another first) that I have used my voice on a song and thus far the only time I have done so.

Rolling Seas - Came up with a rather basic progression, looped it and for the most part improvised over the top of it with my acoustic and wah-wah pedal.

criticism is welcome but please try to make it constructive and as stated above.. be kind.

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Desperation: Is some crazy F ing playing. Tappin like a mofo. The drum tracks kind of weak but it serves the purpose. The tone is good, it matches the vibe well.

My Angel : Kind of weird to be honost.

Rolloing Seas: F ing Sweet Sounds mad old school.

Lughnasadh: Mellow is good, Whoa theres a solo, Whoa theres 2. Sweet, Just add some drums to keep a beat and its cool.

Walk Away : Not really a fan but the eletric sounds good.

Overall the mixes were listenable.
Great playing.

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Hey, I though desperation was a bit too hectic, I didn't like the effect on the tapping it was kind of annoying, as for the playing it was decent enough, although occasionally would drift out of key on a some notes, and please don't take offence to this but it is very repetitive, the guitar plays the same chords throughout without any change.

I would add a chorus, or at least some variation, turn the volume of the drums down a bit and use some fills.

I also listened to My Angel, I like the guitar playing and the riffs over the top, but the narration/singing, was just weird imo. It would be better as an instrumental, as it almost felt like it was part of a rock opera.

On Lughnasadh I really liked the sound of your electric guitar, it was a great tone, and the intro felt very soothing and ambient, I'd turn down the volume on the chord playing as it's too loud over the quieter playing. One final thing I would say is that the song progressive a little too much, but it has potential.

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Cheers for the kind words and honesty - I shall reciprocate shortly.

In regards to drum tracks etc, I'm very much on the verge of just buying a drum kit and doing it myself - drum tracking I find too finicky, and drummers do not exactly exist in abundance within my locale.

In response to the comments on Desperation, I stuck to just the two chords, Am and F, to ease my own work really lol, as I said before it was my first attempt using a drum track and the aforementioned finicky-ness that it entailed drained my desire to over complicate things. Alas it seems as if some people like the playing and tone others don't.

Glad you liked Lughnasadh, wrote that over the month of August like 2 years ago.
I get the input that the chords in the beginning were a tad loud, at the time I wanted to progress away from the softer notes into the electric but I ended up leaving the softer notes in anyway to be drowned by the chords.
I'm guessing that the length of time that it took for me to become satisfied with the song resulted in an occasionally inconsistent progression.

Haha rock opera, I'm actually rather proud of that.
"Be good or be lucky, of course it doesn't hurt to be both.."