Hey Ultimate-guitar community, this is my first post so be gentle.
I hope this is the right section to ask about easy rise against tabs.

I've only got the basic skills in guitar and wonder if there is any easy songs made by rise against i can play with only the basic skills.

I've got guitar pro 5 so if you link tabs to gp it's not a problem.

Hero of war? Yeah thats easy, and awesome too!
Prayer of the refugee may be a slightly more challenging one to go for after you have progressed a bit further.
Rise against is great band (probably my current favorite). As mentioned they have a ton of easy songs with respect to the rythem section. They use a lot of 1 finger power chords (dont know the real name)

Hero of war is a good place to start.

Rumours of my demise (have been greatly exagerated) - little bit fast for a beginner but super easy loop (needs lead guitar for a few parts).

Broken wings (again, lead may be too difficult, but rythem is easy and repeaty)

Swing life away (easy chords, strum pattern can be tricky to start)

may favorite song to play by them is Blood red white & blue. Again, not overly hard, just fast. Lead is quick.

Hope that gets you started.