so i have this $129 yamaha jr1. it's an all lam mini dread, and i had originally put a set of silk and steels on it, and it sounded pretty good. but i've been playing my cargo and my guild a lot lately, and it was last week i started playing my yamaha again and noticed the strings were really REALLY dead.

well, i had 2 packages of strings in the house i've been meaning to try - martin bronze and steels and dr sunbeams. i opted to try the bronze and steels on the yamaha, and damned if they don't sound great on this little laminate beast. a little more resonance than the silk and steels, which helps on a small guitar, warmer than regular strings, and the feel great. it was an amazing amount of improvement because the guitar is both small and all lam, so it needs good strings to compensate. next time i won't wait so long.

i've found myself playing my yamaha quite a lot since the strings were changed
Yep, new strings are nice, especially chunky ones on an acoustic.
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Holy crap, check this out!