So bassicly im ashamed when it comes to AC/DC's thunderstruck.. because i hammeron/pulloff the main riff with no picking at all....
I tryed to pick it.. but it just doesnt feel doable at all, and the fact that its played on a high string, where i cant get the "friction" feel ( unlike the bass string) totally kills me.

Do you guys have any good tips/tutorials on how to pick this sucker?
Without having to drill it to a metronome for all eternety thus making it booring so the end result will be just like "bleh i did it, hopefully ill never have to play this riff ever again"?
try Misirlou by Dick Dale. as cliched as it sounds, its a good way to build up on alternative picking.
That's a classic. So is the solo to Highway Star.
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The intro to "In Your World" by Muse is played all on the A string. Not too fast either so should be a good place to start.
Here's a little 16th note triplet pattern.

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I remeber that Petrucci exercise.

When I learned that lick I was deeply depressed.
I brings me back...

I hear the intro to Thunderstruck is really good. o_O

The thing is, the most effective practice for a piece you want to learn is the piece itself. If you want to play Thunderstuck then you're going to have to practice Thunderstruck, slow it down to the speed at which you can play it cleanly and in time and work from there. Practicing something else isn't going to help all that much, because regardless of what else you can play or have practiced you're still going to have to knuckle down and practice Thunderstruck to get it right.
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