Solid playing, loving the build up in between every couple of loops of the main riff.

The break in rhythm 2:30 onwards reminds of a song I heard awhile back, it's name evades me now, but it was one of my favourites at the time so I guess that counts for something

Throw a lead or two onto that and you've got a pretty decent piece of music.

Side question - what software did you use for the drums or was that you?
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The song is well built, the playing is sharp (which is what I don't expect from someone who's been playing since january) and the riffs are pretty good. I think it could have used a faster part instead of all notes being 8ths but that's just me though. I would have loved to hear some actual thrash beat and sawing off the low e lol.

Anyways, the conclusion is, the song is good though it's rhythmically too simple to keep my interest through the entire 3:45. With just one part like that it would be loads better, but that's just me.

Throw in some vocals after you've done and you have a thrash metal song! lawl
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