Hi all,

I want to tinker with my Hohner G3T (Steinberger copy) with a Steinberger licensed floating trem.

The intonation is adjusted by loosening the string and moving the saddle. One in particular (G), moves towards the nut while playing which I have tried to fix by gluing it in with nail polish but it has started to work loose again. Any solutions?

Another concern is tuning/string gauge. When I bought it, it was tuned to Eb standard and had 10s on. I tuned up to E standard and have kept it like that for all of its life though have decided to tune back to Eb. Is the change from one to the other likely to put any strain on the neck? At present there is no buzz on any fret in either tuning.
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first question: Use a 1.5 mm allen key to tighten the bridge up using the slot that when wearing the guitar is visible when you look straight down. This puts pressure on all the saddles and lets them lock into place. If this doesnt work switch the top saddle out with another saddle.

Second question: No, but when changing tunings you might have to retune the float position using the large adjustment screw below the 6 individual tuning screws.
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