Hi guys
I've been playing bass & guitar for 5 years, never quite sure which to work on more. can never decide lol.
I have a Warwick bluecab 20 bass amp & a Tanglewood rebel 4k (sighs, and looks at bass) Ive replaced the neck pickup's with Seymour Duncan quarter pounder , which sound Good, there's no problem there, But the bridge is the stock pickup.
My first question is should i continue to upgrade this bass by changing bridge pup or get a new amp or what?
Its fine as it is for playing rock and metal, but i'd like to branch out and play some disco, funk stuff too. I'm sure Chic's bernard edwards's sound is all him but did he have any effects on his bass or was it just the sound of his p bass?
Maybe its my crappy amp?
Im not so fussed about slap bass but would love to get the sound of..
Rufus,Chic,Maze (early),loleatta Holloway, shalamar, whispers,
it sounds compressed but is also bassey and clear.
Im probably missing something and sorry to be vague as all these bassists play differently but thats the kind of sound im looking for.
Thanks in advance as you guys are always helpfull.
Tanglewood Rebels are cool, I just found one at a pawn shop for £20, in bright orange, and after a setup, sounded alright. I just gave it to my brother though, bad times.

If you boost your mids and lows, cut your highs a bit and reduce the tone on the bass it should sound quite funky and thumpy, especially if you have a quarter pound in the neck, and should sound nice with fingerstyle funk.
Change out for flats or use really dead strings. My favourite Bernie Edwards quote.

Q. What kind of strings do you use Bernie?
A. I don't know, what kind come with a Musicman?

Seriously, Bernie only changed the strings when they broke. Flats will give you that tone quickly out of the box.
Thanks for the help guys.
1 more question regarding the rebel 4k-
Any point in fitting a Gotoh 201 bass bridge?
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Now back to your question. Why do you want a Gotoh bridge?
haha sorry i bumped wont do it again.
the bridge was something i just read on a forum as a must have for this bass, but i know nothing about bridges so any point in changing?