So..I recently lucked out on a Danelectro Drive v.1. I got this thing for around $25 new at a music store while I was in D.C. I had never heard of it before, and was actually looking to get a Fulltone OCD...but after plugging into it at the recommendation of a dude working there...I really thought it sounded great. I had always though of Danelectro as cheap crap..and it may well be, but when he told me the price that they sell for, I grabbed one. Only to find after looking online, that the Drive v.1 is extremely close (some would say a clone) to none other than the Fulltone OCD...

I still will get an OCD in the future..but for right now, I'd like to get a Delay with the money I didn't spend on the OCD.

-EH Memory Boy
-Ibanez AD9
-Malekko Ekko 616
-MXR Carbon Copy

Aside from those that I listed, a few others have surfaced to my knowledge that I'm unsure of. A Danelectro Reel Echo..which is digital but heard some good things. Also..one delay that I heard that sounded just amazing to my ears was the Malekko 600s...both bright and dark. I prefer dark...but apparently these aren't being made anymore and I can't seem to find one anywhere. I'm not looking to spend really much over that $150 mark that the pedals above are listed at.

I have funded a Memory Boy and an Ibanez AD9 used for around $80...so thats another thing to consider.

I realize these are analogs and I'm not expecting huge delay times..but I felt out of them all the AD9 seemed to be almost too short..but that may have just been the demo I heard.
I probably should have mentioned the Memory Toy and whether it is worth it in comparison to the Memory Boy..
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I had always though of Danelectro as cheap crap

That's an odd opinion, which I imagine the majority of people on this forum would disagree with.
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Holy crap, check this out!
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That's an odd opinion, which I imagine the majority of people on this forum would disagree with.

Good point actually. That was a really brash statement. I'm referring to their plastic pedals before the recent new series designs. My opinion may not be founded in any factual evidence...I just went with what I heard from others unfortunately, which was proven stupid..considering how much I like this overdrive..as well as how similar it sounds to a boutique OD costing much much more.
I went to Sam Ash today..tried out the Memory Boy and the Carbon Copy. I felt the Memory Boy was a lot brighter sounding..and that the Carbon Copy was a bit deeper sounding. I ultimately went with the Carbon Copy..