live from new mexico... it's saturday night!

the crickets here
chirp an octave higher.
these have seen beauties
that pierce and sting,
scraping satisfaction.

this is god's country,
though I fear he is vacationing
to somewhere warmer,
somewhere with umbrella drinks.
and underneath his sands,
wind the mysteries of life
wound into rings
that we try to slip our
pinky fingers into.
and i can hear god chuckling,
amidst his margarita sips
as we ponder deep thoughts.

the crickets here
chirp and octave higher
because this is god's country
and they have heard him laughing at us
for years now.
The voice of this is it's redeeming factor. The phrases are short, but not staccato. It has a casual charm. The images weren't powerful or moving, but they're pleasant enough. Maybe there's a subtext to this that I missed, but it didn't seem to go anywhere. Just a nice moment, but not all that memorable. I suppose sometimes, that's more than enough.
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