Right, a while ago I bought a distortion pedal (boss ds-1), because I wanted a better sound than the OD channel on my mg could provide.
I plan on upgrading to a tube amp, spending about £500-600, and Im trying out the blackstar HT range and the marshall haze range.
Is the OD channel on a modern tube amp better than the clean channel with a pedal infront?

Well that depends on the amp, but generally yes, because of the way that each device handles the overdriven signal. non-tube devices use hard clipping (cut the tops of the sine waves) and this sounds 'harsh', while tube amps 'round off' the tops of the peaks, rather than a flat cut, resulting in a much 'warmer' overdriven sound.
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The drive channel with a TS or a TS clone is the best way to go...
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
i was in a similar position as yourself, i had a realy cheap solid state amp in which i hated the diistortion channel, and i got a ds-1 to try and have a decent distortion, i then got a blackstar ht-5 and i've never used my ds-1 again, i tried modding it but failed, but there's no need for a distortion pedal, all you will need is a good over drive pedal to boost the signal if you want to play metal
My amp sounds good with both of those applications , it's a Laney GH100l. Your going to need a good eq for your tube amp that's key to copying tone or creating your own tone. There are no rules, except a good tube amp, in my opinion that's the starting point for good tone.
I wouldn't get a Haze...

£500 would get you a bigger Blackstar. You do know tubes are louder?
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get a nice orange 2nd hand with a good boost in front of it

tasty warm cleans and then enough classy gain for anything at alll.

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I wouldn't get a Haze...

£500 would get you a bigger Blackstar. You do know tubes are louder?

yeah i agree... i found out the hard way

the OD channel is complete rubbish

i have had to resort to using the clean channel, a barber dirty bomb and an MXR 10 band EQ...

it now sounds amazing but without those pedals it would sound terrible
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