Great prog metal band, fans of Dream Theater, Opeth will very much appreciate.

I mean, come on, you have to be a genius to write a concept album about an alien who travels to earth trying to find the world's most perfect cup of coffee!

Earth Day (My favorite song.)

Hyperdrive (Off of the concept album I spoke of.)

Coast (Showing his more mellow side.)
Devin Townsend Band =/= Devin Townsend Project =/= Devin Townsend solo.

Earth Day is the Band, Hyperdrive (off Ziltoid itself at least) was entirely solo and Coast was the Project.

That being said... I love Dev and everything he does with a passion and think everyone should listen to everything he has ever done. Honestly can't wait for his next release "Deconstruction".

also probably worth saying... Dev has his own thread in the metal forum.
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Wow, confusing. I feel kinda dumb now.

Alright, I'll check the thread in the metal forum. I consider most of his work to be fairly progressive, but I guess the metal element is usually more prevalent.
Yes, I think Addicted! is great. The combination of screaming and melodic singing is ingenious, and Anneke sings beautifully, as usual.