For sale or possible trade is my trusty Ashdown MAG combo. It's in full working order and comes with a heavy duty road case built to fit it perfectly.

It's in fairly good nick for its age, I think it was built in January 2002 and it's one of the British made Ashdowns, not Chinese as the newer ones are. It's also 400W rather than the modern 307W.

It was serviced by Ashdown a few years ago (2006 I think) who replaced a speaker and a couple of the EQ pots.


400W of power at 4 ohms, 5 band EQ with bright and deep switches and EQ bypass. Subharmonics generator (basically an octave down effect), effects loop, DI out, VU meter, tuner/line out. Four Ashdown blue 10" speakers.

New, Chinese, 300W MAGs go for £460ish new and you see 'em used for up to £320 on ebay. I'm looking for £300 for this one including the truly awesome case.

Buyer collects or arranges delivery. It's located in Callington in Cornwall. I may be persuaded to drive it somewhere if it fetches a good price.

Pics to come.
Sorry mate not from Cornwall! I'll look into shipping if you like but I have a hunch it'll be far too expensive
OK have a look and get back to me if possible, would you look at prices for Ashford, near London as well? Cheers.
Sorry for the delay, I've had a lot of things come up. I'll try and find out how much this thing weighs tomorrow and post up delivery quotes for all to see.