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I've been playing electric for about 2.5 years now, yet most of the songs I can play tend to be rather uninteresting power chord songs. I'm looking for something more sophisticated to play, more lead than rythm, but not so sophisticated that it's hard. If that makes any sense. One of the more complex songs that I know is Alter Bridge's Blackbird, so I'm looking for something along those lines, in Eb or Drop-D tunings. Does anyone know any good songs to play in that department?

Thanks in advance
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Right at about the 1.5-2 year mark I started playing alot of tool which was not only fun but actually improved my playing quite a bit. The Pot, Right in Two, Vicarious, Schism and Sober are my favorites to play, they are also some of their more popular songs so you may have heard them before and they are all in Drop-D. Not sure what type of music your into though.
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Thank You!

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