I've been having a major gear rethink lately that has culminated in me deciding to get rid of my Ashdown (I'm bound to regret that) and one of my basses. But I don't know what to get to replace it with yet.

I like the look of the Genz Benz Shuttles and the Markbass stuff but it's a bit expensive and they seem to generally lack an EQ bypass button which is one of my favourite features on my Ashdown. So maybe I should get an Ashdown Little Giant, which are nice and cheap but I don't know what they sound like. Does anyone have any other suggestions for small, cheapish, fairly powerful amps for me? I played a tiny Yamaha head and liked that a few years back.

Secondly, I'll obviously need a cab to go with it. Ideally I was thinking 210s and neo speakers. Any suggestions in that department? Maybe a 112 would do the job of being small but loud and portable. I've never really tried 12s but I hear they're all the rage.

I haven't shopped for gear at all in years so I have no idea what's good these days so please someone steer me in the direction of lightweight, cheapish and big sounding amps
Have you looked at the GK MB2 500? I didn't like it as much as a Little Mark or a Shuttle, but its a tad cheaper then a Markbass or the cheapest Genz Benz.

Eden makes some nice lightweight stuff, but unless you find it used it'll be expensive. All the good lightweight heads seem to be.
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Hmm that is definitely another one to hunt down and try. Not sure I can afford Eden, looks like that stuff is pretty pricey and holds its value well. I've seen a used Genz Shuttle 3 with an 8" cab for £400 - how loud are those things? Would I need to borrow a bigger cab for it to be any use at a party? Or what about something like a Phil Jones briefcase - does anyone have any experience of them?

Thanks for replying Tostitos
I've only seen Phil Jone's stuff from a distance, so no comment on that. TC Electronic's classic 450 though might be something to consider. They're $800 new, but they pop up used every once in a while at more affordable prices. I've never tried one, but I've heard good things.
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I guess that does meet my criteria

Anyone tried one of those mini Ampegs? I've seen one of those 210 cabs cheap, I'm tempted to grab it and pair it up with an Ashdown Little Giant, see how that sounds
Excellent. I'll try and find somewhere to try one. Any opinion on the other stuff mentioned Ben (or anyone else?)
I've tried the mini-Ampegs (and the mini-Acoustic's as well). I don't know exactly what the cabs would sound like if paired with another head, but in their respective mini-stack packages they were both weak and underwhelming. That being said, a half-decent head would probably make a world of difference.
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Ah yes, your troubles with GAK, I remember. Thanks again Tostitos, they guy selling the cab is nearby so I could try it first I suppose if I've chosen a head by then
I've played the Genz Benz shuttle 3.0 and damn I was impressed with it, I was playing a schecter 6 string and I was super impressed with how it handled the low string. with it's paired 1x10. Also I turned it up to about halfway just under, and damn it was loud had plenty of room to move too. definitely loud enough for a decent hall in a jazz gig, house party no problem if you put it on a crate or something.
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Thanks guys, that's useful information ZaccB because I'm usually tuned to C.

I'll keep an eye on ebay and basschat once I've shifted the stuff I'm selling.