I am looking for a good multi effect guitar on that price range. I really don't know about them.. Just that there are a bunch around and that I might choose the wrong one. What I am looking most on the pedal is nice delay, echo and back recording sound to play things on top and create mind-blowing sounds. I play on Gibson lp studio on a fender 25R amp. Would be cool if the pedal has secondary effects such wah, octaves etc.
Any recommendation is welcome
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Spend fifty more and get a Digitech RP350 or the Boss ME-30 or whatever. Those are probably the best for the price, though I have the RP350 and there's about an eighth of a second pause when you switch between settings, so it's not the best for live shows.
If you can find a GNX4 on eBay for $150 or under you will get a full 8 track recorder/looper and midi drum machine. It's the only multifx that will play backing tracks and loops, other than short loops (like 20 sec).
Ok so i was just researching a bit and it seems its worth to increase my budget to 200$.. But thats it. Anyways ive looked into those 3 and i would like to get some input on which one is the best. The 3 of them have good reviews, its a matter of what fit my style the best.

Vox ToneLab ST Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
Digitech RP500
Boss Me-25

This a recording on my favorite style which i play 80% of the times. You see how i try to add some effects using computer edit programs, but i would really love enhance those with nice delays, echoes, multifx stuff and alot of things to play with and control :

About secondary stuff, such 20seconds loops, some effects to play hard blues, wahs, octaves, volume(they dont have to be perfect) or other misc styles and connect to the computer will be very nice. They dont have to be perfect for playing live, because when i do so i get access to different gear and that.

thanks again
Personally, I think you'd be wasting your money of a cheap multi-FX unit. Your sound really comes from your amp, and you're playing through a Fender FM, which sound like crap. I'd save your money and invest in a nice tube amp. You can pick up 15W tube amps for under $500, and you'll really notice an improvement in tone. Effects should only be added to your rig when you're happy with your Guitar-->Amp setup. Adding a cheap multi-FX unit in front of a crappy amp will not improve your sound. It'll still sound bad, and you won't get the "mind-blowing" sound you're looking for. Spending small amounts of money on equipment will cost you more in the long run because you'll realize you're not happy with your sound and you'll have to go out and buy more equipment to make up for it. You're much better off saving up until you have enough money to invest wisely in better equipment.

However, if you're set on a multi-FX, I'd stay away from the Boss ME series. I had an ME-50 for a while. It's great for beginners to learn what kind of effects they like, but it sounds to me like you already know what kind of sound you're after. Boss multi-FX sound horrible.
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I had a boss multi fx pedal, it was a good start but i couldn't to a tenth of what a GNX4 can do. I had a gnx4 for two years before i realized i could press one button and go from clean/chorus to a Distorted/no fx. Or have you ever noticed your lead is to quiet? I can Play rythem then hit a button for reverb and volume boost and or gain boost. 3 buttons can do 3 things at once. The recorder is nice to have at your toes but i got to use a tascam 8track device and its light years ahead of what the gnx offers. I never tried a Gnx 3000, or a gnx3 for that matter.
Zoom G2.1U is $160, but dude it does everything. i mean EVERYTHING. easy to use, TONS of effects, and theres websites dedicated for patches to sound like virtually any artist or band.
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However, if you're set on a multi-FX, I'd stay away from the Boss ME series. I had an ME-50 for a while. It's great for beginners to learn what kind of effects they like, but it sounds to me like you already know what kind of sound you're after. Boss multi-FX sound horrible.

Often see you around here bashing the ME-50 unecessarily. It's actually a very nice pedal, with delays being it's strong point (although it doesn't have a looper). From the sounds of it OP won't need overdrive or distortion which are the ME-50's weak points. I'd say the the ME-50 is exactly the kind of thing OP is looking for.
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You can try to score a used Boss ME-70.

I don't like Digitech's multi effects stuff. They all seem cheap to me.

I wouldn't get an ME-50, just because it has inferior sound quality compared to the 70. But if you can't find a used 70 in your budget, then it's a good second choice.

Anyway, if you're really looking to improve your overall sound, you have to fix the roots, not the branches. Your Frontman won't ever get you the tones you hear in your head, no matter how much you process it or how many effects you throw on top of it. Polish a turd...
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I just picked up a Boss ME-25 and am very happy with it. Both the ST and ME-25 are a bit austere in the footswitches and limited wrt what you can do dynamically, but the 38 sec phrase looper and freeze function on ME-25 are great.

I was playing with both the loop and freeze last night and really having a good time. I had my choice of the ST or the ME-25 used for $125. A buddy of mine had both and was selling them. The ME-25 was IMO superior. Although tone wise they were both good, the ST just lacked features.
RP355 or RP 255.. you'll have to save up a bit for 355 but... those are awesome pedals!!!!!!

ive been using em for like 3+ years (RP250 first now RP355) and id say kicks ass..
check my album in myspace if you wanna listen to the clips.. everything thru RP355 (plus i used it as the audio interface (USB) and cabinet emulation)

Also looking for a multieffects but my budget is a little bigger, up to maybe £400. I've heard excellent things about the M13 and M9, so are they the best and, if so, which one (bearing in mind the M13 is huge and stuff). Cheers guys.
I have got a RP-355. I don't use it a whole lot, but when I do I am pretty happy with it. One of the only things wrong with it is the distortion, but I don't use it anyway.
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