So, in a couple of weeks i'm getting a new guitar - an Ibanez sa260fml and i was wondering what strings would be suitable for my playing. Also would i need to set up the guitar differently in any way if i were to change the strings?

I play mostly metal and rock (afi, system of a down, bullet for my valentine etc..- usually standard, drop d and drop c)

I have been looking into d'addario strings light top heavy bottom but really i don't know what would be suitable as i dont want to damage the guitar XD

heh.. i know it's a lot but i only have a crappy guitar at the moment and dont wanna risk anything with the new one.

Has the 2 point tremlo right? If that's the case, then changing strings will only mess with the hight of the trem, and you would have to adjust the spring tension to accommodate, which is easy, just a few turns of some screws and some tinkering and you should be set, much much easier and quicker than a floyd.

I would reccomend .011 gauge strings for that tuning. Right now I'm really liking D'Addairo's Chrome XL strings for distorted music.
get the new guitar set up for 11's gauge strings

and make sure what tuning ur going to use because everytime you change between those tunging the will be more or less tension on the neck something might happen

thts why people have more than one guitar
Thanks a lot for the quick replys! ethan_hanus - those strings sound good but aren't chrome usually used for jazz etc?
Quote by Nightwishes
Thanks a lot for the quick replys! ethan_hanus - those strings sound good but aren't chrome usually used for jazz etc?

Yeah, but who's to say that something is meant only for jazz? I'm using them for thrash metal, and they sound awesome, feel a bit weird, since they are flat wound, but they sound great, they don't like to stay in tune when using a tremlo, but are pretty solid on a hardtail, and they don't have the greatest cleans, but I can't really say that for sure, since I don't have my single coils yet and my BKP Painkiller doesn't have the greatest cleans to begin with.

And to correct the other guy, you don't need a professional set up when you change your string gauge on a vintage type tremolo, like yours is. If you leave the tremolo floating, then the neck tension and spring tension will find an equilibrium and it wont cause your neck to warp. I've been following this rule for 5 years with my strat and I have a insanely low action (for a strat), and I flip through tunings like crazy, sometimes I like drop D, sometimes I like drop B better.
Thanks a lot for the help, i tend to change tunings quite a lot so it sounds good to me lol. I'm gonna look into some more strings but the d'addario sound good. I think it will be between them or some dunlop 11s