I might be able to buy a used Line 6 Flextone soon. I can buy the Line 6 Flextone 2 XL with the floorboard for $300. First of all, would you say that's a good deal? Also, is this amp good for metal (good distortion) and still have good cleans. Also, is there a large difference between the Flextone 2 and 3? Is one better than the other and should I wait to get a Flextone 3 instead of two? Thanks!
Not sure on the differences between the 2 and 3...but the Flextone is a pretty good budget modeling amp for metal IMO. Should do exactly what you want...plus thats a pretty good price to have the floorboard included. Theres one on my local craigslist for $300 for just the amp.
i think the 2 xl is post changes in the model names due to a mesa lawsuit, i could be wrong tho.

for $300 with the pedal, as long as it works like it should that's a good deal imo. nice amp.
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If you get a floorboard too $300 is a good price. They ussually don't go for less than that on ebay. (I only have a II HD). Download the user manual from line 6 if it's not included.

I get some great metal tones out of it. Mesa w/gain up and middle off sounds good (to me).
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I'm pretty sure the Flextone 2 is POD 2.0 based, the Flextone 3 is POD XT based.
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