The name is a working title! It called it that as i modeled the guitar tone on the Lucozade advert circulating UK television at the moment

The song features simple ideas, the highlight is the time i spent on production, producing and end result which i am proud of. The last bit does go on for some time, because i like it so much (:P).

It's best to crank the speakers up for this one, for maximum effect. There are no vocals yet, still trying to crack a melody for it.

Of course C4C, please comment and leave a link!

Thanks guys,

EDIT: It's on my profile!
Damn, good stuff mate. Love the ambient feel of it all and it just has a slight bit of Pendulum influence, without sounding overly influenced (like most stuff does when influenced by them). Can't wait to hear what the final version with vox will sound like.
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That was bloody amazing. Production level was brilliant, very polished and professional sounding. I can definitely hear the Pendulum influence too, with the use of distorted guitars an all.

I do feel that the lack of the of a melody leads to a fairly tiresome listening though, as some parts seem to go on for too long. But as you say, you're working on that, so thats all good.
Another little issue I have is the drums, particularly the bass drum. They seem too low in the mix, and lack any real power. If I ever produce DnB style things, I tend to have a hard hitting bass drum, but in this it appears quite weak in the mix. Maybe that's personal preference though.

To be honest though, this song is pretty amazing. A million times better than anything I could produce, it works well, sounds great and I'd totally pay for a track like this. Nice work dude.


Um, I absolutely hate Pendulum, so this one's gonna be tough.

Well, the leads sound good, the drum beat is interesting enough to hold listeners attention, the production quality is super. I can't actually give any decent crit because I have no idea is this a good song for the genre, but it sounds pretty nice. Sorry. :/
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What area of the UK are you from? Overall, I think it sounds very good! Some good vocals certainly wouldn't hurt, but I can't say I got bored without them, even though the song is not short. Drums & keyboards sound very good. The song reminds me of a cross between techno, The Cult, and The Cure. An interesting combo! Guitars sound good too! I'm from the Los Angeles area, not familiar with Pendulum. Post it again if you add vocals man!
Nottingham, East midlands is where i am currently situated.

Pendulum are an Australian Drum and Bass band, I'm not sure whether they've made it onto the American market yet...?

Basically they used to make 'proper' DnB but then got more melodic and song based, now they are quite well known in the UK and get regulars in the charts, the fusion of heavy rock with Drum and Bass beats and pace is immense!! Worth checking out if your into that sort of music i guess...

Cheers for the review!

Hey man, thanks for critting my song!

This is some brilliant stuff. Reminds me of The Prodigy a bit... I'm not sure if this even needs vocals! Instrumentally, this song just works as it is. I love the mixing too, sounds very professional dude. No complaints whatsoever, a straight 9.5/10 for this one! You can have that extra half point if you can come up with vocals that make this better, because like I said, I'm not sure it even needs any