I have been playing guitar on and off for 5 years, i would say im an intermediate player. But lately ive been stuck on how i am supposed to improve. I can do all the palm muting, hammerons, pulloffs, fingerpicking, an most of the basics. I know the diatonic scales and have been working on finger speed by just playing different patterns over the fret board.

What im really struggling with is finding songs that are in my range to learn, its seems like alot are way to easy, and then others are way to hard.

does anyone know songs that would be in this range, or anything else i could do to improve?
if anything work on those songs that are too hard
or maybe learn more advanced techniques tapping sweeping mopping jk there no such thing as mopping
work on your phrasing of riffs
I'm a bassist, so I'm not going to talk about techinque stuff, but you might learn new theory..
Also try recording some songs (doesn't need to be hard) and it might help you with timing stuff, Hope I helped even a little...