Hey everybody, I'm looking to buy my first guitar and amp. I have been looking at quite a few different ones. From the Vypyr 15/30 to a fender Super Champ (tubes dude!), and am starting to feel like I'm narrowing it down a bit. My best friend's sister has a G-Dec Junior that has only been used 3 times and is willing to sell it for $125 or so and am wondering if it's worth it and if it would be a better choice than some of the others I have been looking at.
There are several different models of GDEC. You can find the price of all of them online. Most used stuff is worth at least 50% of the street price if it's still on the market. More depending on demand and how bad you want it.

The nice thing about the GDEC is the backing tracks for jamming over. I've not seen a lot of people raving about how good they sound, so your decision should depend on the desire to have an amp with jam track playback and the price.