Could this be the answer to my search!?

A nice low wattage metal tube practice amp?

I can't find any reviews or youtube videos or anything on this amp.
I accidently stumbles upon it today, and now I'm all excited.

Anyone got the details on it?
15 watts but switchable to 5 and 1 watts too...
The combo sucked big time though when I played it -.- Terrible tone
there's a video on youtube. or at least there was. I haven't tried it. I thought I heard it wasn't really a metal amp, but that could be wrong.
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I have a Gig Master head 15 and tested combo too.
It has quite a lot of gain, but probably not enough for some overgained metal tones
(with boost it should be doable though).

Combo sounds worse that a head due to small package (1x10) and a installed speaker.
Head even with cheap Framus FR-112 sounds much better and with nice 2x12 even more.

Power soak works as advertised.
1W setting it's a great solution for a home playing. Only there is really small headroom in clean channel at this setting (as expected).

There is also 0W setting which means that signal is only going through line out.
But to be honest line out quality is lacking IMO. For a total quiet prictise at night is ok,
but not for recording.