Dead End Pawns - Save Yourself


It's all recorded and mixed in the Royal Conservatory of Copenhagen. The singer had talked with one of the sound engineer students there, and he set us up with some free recording time! What a nice guy!

While my other band is my brainchild and love, this band is definitely more accessible for the wide crowd and despite the few months this band has been running, we've already gotten a few gigs (in contrast to my other band which has been going on for years and not gotten very far, haha)

I can think of a few things I would have done differently in the mix, but no way I could do something that good anyways!

Let us know what you think
Hey man this sounds radical! Like its really good. One thing though: the part at 1:34 sounds kinda weird when transitioning to the chorus. It just feels off to me, but its not a big deal. The solo after it kills lol so its all good. All in all a very nice song, i hope your new band find success.