Hey there. I recently just recorded a song called "Enigmatic". I would appreciate any feedback please. The song is pretty dark. the songs theme is basically about "Enigma". Which is something I feel toward life. So yeah.. any comments are much appreciated. Still waiting for a friend to record the vocals for it. Thanks! (It can be found on my UG profile)
Awesome,I loved the strings.And the guitar sounds great.

I can't wait to here it with lyrics.
Reviewing as I listen: Very very very nice intro, I'm only a few seconds into it and it has completely grabbed my attention. The notes you play are melancholy which I like. Lovin' the piano man. Ahh the strings are very very well done. Dude, good job on your acoustic work, I'm lovin it. It sounds so nice and mysterious. Around 1 55/57 the strings go really well with the guitar. The strumming adds a bit of intensity to the song, you should add drums over there if you can. Maybe a bit of a fade in with the drums. Wow, again, the strings are really well done bro. I'm drooling over them :P I wanna hear this vocals man, it sounds really really good!! And this is just a demo, I wanna hear the fully-fleshed out song! GOOD JOB KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

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Wow, you have a really good grip on controlling the atmosphere of the song, it sounds very mysterious and brooding. The arpeggios you play mainly make this happen, and it's played very cleanly, which is good, I think sloppy playing would affect the song very negatively.

I also really like the strings, but maybe it's my speakers or something, but I can barely hear them, which is a shame.

If I may make a suggestion, how about adding more instruments? I mean, maybe it's just me thinking that because I tend to pile instruments. But like, your guitar work and strings make it a very intense song, I love the build up, but it just still seems a bit empty. I think maybe drums may sound a little out of place, but how about other kinds of percussion? Or perhaps utilizing drums more sparsely. In fact, it would be great if you used lighter percussion building up to some heavier stuff.

But all in all, a great piece of work! Keep it up!

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Hey dude thanks for the crit, sorry about the late response I forgot I posted that thread.

The recording quality on the guitar is great, I would throw a really weak noise gate on it to cut some of the buzz but not a big deal. I really like how the synth/strings or w/e comes in and out of the song, it really feels like it belongs in the song.

Have you considered getting drums on the song? I picture a really slow metal beat but that's kinda my style so I picture that on everything. It sounds like the kind of song where the chorus of the vocals you add would have an instrument doubling it (Guitar or a VSTi)

The guitar playing is good, guitar it does not seem especially difficult. Still, the consistency of the quality is very good. (You maintain the quality throughout the song)
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