yo i have a peavey vk 212 and i also have a marshal jackhammer distortion pedal and i cant quite get a toe i like, wondering if anyone can hlep. i use a fender strat and a crybaby wah also. i would like some a little like nuno bettencourt, but i can settle for less. ok go!
Wow. Yesterday I've bought the VK 112. Well, A quick tip that i could give to you is:

- Bright boost ON
- Jackhammer distortion mode.

Then put like 6 bass, 6 middle and 4 treble on your VK (Class A) and adjust the settings of your jh-1.

I just love my tone after distortion and bright... hahahaha

hope it helps, see ya.
Ask in the settings thread. reported.

I sent you a message check it.
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Ask in the settings thread. reported.

Dude. I've been searching for like 10 minutes... where is the settings thread? Thank you! And sorry about that.