i have one pickup and one push pull volume knob
(i dont want to spilit the coils i want to turn on and off the volume)

how do i wire?
i cannot find a single diagram online only for splitting

its on an old 80s washburn that i Love and i dont want to mess it up (i know how to wire so please dont tell me to take it in somewhere) i just want to make sure

so if anyone knows could you explain or show a diagram? thank you so much
Have you checked out this site? I didn't go through them all to see if what you want is on there but they have tons of wiring patterns

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So you want to bypass the volume knob?

Just go to the Ultimate Guitar Wiring Thread, asking what you want to be done, and I'm sure they can help you.


no its a push pull knob and when its up it shuts off the volume when its down the volume is on and adjustable

and thanks i was looking for that but i wasnt sure if there was one
if anyone can help still thatd be great but ill go there