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I've recently been listening to a lot of songs that I remember from when I was little, and noticed how nostalgic I feel when I hear them.
So Pit, what are some songs that bring on the nostalgia?

Mine would be stuff by artists like Sting, No Doubt, Wham!, Cher.... I listened to some weird stuff as a kid.

No "I Cum blood ololol" or Nursery rhymes.

Skidrow - Youth Gone Wild.. I don't know why but it just gives me that nostalgic feeling.
I just finished listening to my Static-X discography.

Good fuckin' times there.
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Almost all of N Sync's songs.
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maybe like sum41 songs that were on the radio.
shit you use to think was hardcore when you were like 11.
man i'm glad I grew up.
Anything off Nirvana's Nevermind I can barely listen too cause of super nostalgia... Also Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction as me and my Dad used to listen to it while driving when I was 10 lol Oh and Patsy Cline - Crazy, for the same reason...

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Uncle aciD


The deadbeatS

Do What Your Love Tells You
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Uncle Kracker - Follow Me, a load of Robbie Williams songs, some Green Day and other stuff from that genre. Sultans of Swing aswell, used to hear that song all the time, heard it again for the first time in years today and it was pretty cool.
lighthouse family and/or m-people anyone?
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Both Busted albums. I listened to them the other day and they were very nostalgic haha
Outkast - The Love Below

EDIT: Hmm... that's and album and TS asked for songs oh well.
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linkin park : hybrid theory, it brings me right back to most lunch hours in high school.
All of the shitty boy bands and techno groups from the late 90's. My sisters used to blast that music in the car when I was a kid. I couldn't stand it.

However, it brings back memories.
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every song in the 90s thread.
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brimful of asha-Cornershop
also the whole of Silver Side Up.
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saosin, the used, bullet for my valentine, adema, all remind me so much of two-three years ago it's incredible.
sometimes i listen to them just to get that nostalgic feeling.

and a lot of prog reminds me of a few years back.
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Toto's Africa, Joe Cocker's Noubliez J'amais and Mark Knopfler's Sailing To Philadelphia.
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Alot of Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, Bobby Darin, that kinda stuff.

Also, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Junior Brown.
the first two albums i ever bought was london calling by the clash and the who's greatest hits back when i was in grade 5. whenever i listen to them i remember how long ago it was when i first got into them.
Mordecai - BTBAM
Windowpane -Opeth
Go with the flow - QOTSA
Vulcan Worlds - Return to Forever
Simple and Clean - Hikaru Utada
Children of Decadence - Children of Bodom

Tons more.
Dinosaur Jr. - The wagon

I actually think that song is inherently nostalgic. Everyone I've shown it to feels the same way.

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Anything from any of the Tony Hawk soundtracks.
Like this, this, and this.

And this.
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Wonderwall - Oasis
Any Cat Stevens song.
Dancing On The Ceiling - Lionel Richie
I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book Soundtrack

Some of the first songs I can remember hearing.
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96 Quite Bitter Beings and just about anything by blink 182
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Skidrow - Youth Gone Wild.. I don't know why but it just gives me that nostalgic feeling.

I know what you mean, for some reason I get that feeling from a ton of hair metal... which is weird, seeing as how I was born in '91. I guess I must have heard it on the radio a lot or something.
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