I have a question about perfect pickups for heavy metal. The question is in this guitar-search thingy of mine ->

i'm looking for a guitar that has:

-24 frets
-nech thru body (not bolt on -> more sustain)
-alder wood body
-floyd rose-like tremolo (tremolo that can divebomb etc.->it doesnt need to be a F.R.)
-humbucker (- single coil) - humbucker (single coil is optional).

these 3 things are the most important to me. what else?

-from what i have heard, you want to have active EMG's and passive Seymours. I would like to ask you: what is the perfect setup (qua pickups of course) for crunchy riffing. for solos, i want to be able to switch between crunchy (fast) solos and fuller (slower) (GNR's-like) solos.
-its not needed, but i prefer a guitar with a good shielding job, wich leads to less hum.

about the hum, i heard that the active emg are almost noise-free. But you want to use ernie ball strings because the emg catches the vibrations of the strings, wich sometimes leads to a dirty sound. the seymours give a lot of hum (but you can use any strings). I have a boss ns2 noise reductor, but that wont be enough if the guitar is badly shielded.

If i had to decide about the pickups right now, i would have a passive seymour at the bridge and an active emg at the neck.

Please tell me if i got it all wrong.

I'm playing through a line 6 spider IV 30 (do you have any advise about a new amp (price doesnt matter: i just want your advise) that is very good for heavy metal. i have boss distortion pedals). The price of the guitar preferably under 400 euros (thats around 520 dollars), but if the guitar costs more than that please still tell me, because i want to get an idea about what would be ideal for metal.

I know that the sound varies. It depends on your playing style, your amp/effects, strings, type of bridge and wood. But i just want to get an idea of what guitar would fit my demands.

I hope somebody can help me.


alder wood
floating tremolo
2-2 or 2-1-2 setup (pick ups) -> what pickups are perfect for heavy metal?
-active emg and/or passive seymour duncans

good shielding job

playing through a line 6 spider IV 30, with ernie ball strings, a noise reductor (boss), boss distortions pedals (optional).
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I can tell you right now that if you want nice clear crunchy tones and an alder body you will want this.


I made the mistake of putting a BKP Warpig ceramic in my guitar (Alder) and it came out a bit too warm and flubby.

EDIT: just saw amp. Doesn't matter how nice your guitar is. New amp is a must for better tone.
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you need a new amp, whatever guitar you put through that spider it wont be good for anything
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