Hello, i'm looking for a guitar that has:

-alder wood body
-floyd rose-like tremolo (tremolo that can divebomb etc.->it doesnt need to be a F.R.)
-humbucker (- single coil) - humbucker (single coil is optional).

these 3 things are the most important to me. what else?

-24 frets
-nech thru body (not bolt on -> more sustain)
-from what i have heard, you want to have active EMG's and passive Seymours. I would like to ask you: what is the perfect setup (qua pickups of course) for crunchy riffing. for solos, i want to be able to switch between crunchy (fast) solos and fuller (slower) (GNR's-like) solos.
-its not needed, but i prefer a guitar with a good shielding job, wich leads to less hum.

about the hum, i heard that the active emg are almost noise-free. But you want to use ernie ball strings because the emg catches the vibrations of the strings, wich sometimes leads to a dirty sound. the seymours give a lot of hum (but you can use any strings). I have a boss ns2 noise reductor, but that wont be enough if the guitar is badly shielded.

If i had to decide about the pickups right now, i would have a passive seymour at the bridge and an active emg at the neck.
Please tell me if i got it all wrong.

I'm playing through a line 6 spider IV 30 (do you have any advise about a new amp (price doesnt matter: i just want your advise) that is very good for heavy metal. i have boss distortion pedals). The price of the guitar preferably under 400 euros (thats around 520 dollars), but if the guitar costs more than that please still tell me, because i want to get an idea about what would be ideal for metal.

I know that the sound varies. It depends on your playing style, your amp/effects, strings, type of bridge and wood. But i just want to get an idea of what guitar would fit my demands.

I hope somebody can help me.


alder wood
floating tremolo
2-2 or 2-1-2 setup (pick ups) -> what pickups are perfect for heavy metal?
-active emg and/or passive seymour duncans

good shielding job

playing through a line 6 spider IV 30, with ernie ball strings, a noise reductor (boss), boss distortions pedals (optional).
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I would look at some LTD guitars, in your price range, have what your looking for, and as for the EMG thing, tis a load of bullcrap, Ernie ball strings are the cheapest strings you can buy, and you get what you pay for. EMG's are pretty quite, but it really depeands on your amp, when I had EMG's they had some buzz, which was constant, because EMG's are grounded through the jack, and not through the guitar to you. Passives are just as noiseless, except when you let go of the guitar, then you get buzz, cause like I said, passives are grounded through the guitar, so when you grab the strings, your grounding the guitar.

New amp is a must, look into Peavey 6505's, 5150's, Mesa's, Orange amps, some Marshalls, like the JVM 900 or 2000, Blackstar HT series are good.

I personally like D'Addario strings, more expensive, but like I said before, you get what you pay for. Roto Sound strings are also very very good. DR strings may be more suited towards your style, but they lack in the clean department.