Hi guys

Suffering from a bit of G.A.S. at the moment so decided I'd seek some advice on Chorus pedals.

At the moment I use a Boss CH-1 Super Chorus which I prefer to my Ibanez CS-9. Trouble with the Ibanez is it seems to boost the treble frequencies when I turn it on which I want to avoid.

I know the Boss CE-2 is the holy grail of chorus pedals for some people, but I need a stereo chorus since I use the Super Chorus at the end of my chain to split the signal to 2 amps.

My question is, would a used 1980s CE-3 be a worthwhile swap for my 2006 Super Chorus, or would I just be spending money for the sake of it?

My understanding is the CE-3 was essentially supposed to be a stereo version of the CE-2 and is currently available fairly cheaply on ebay. I'm looking for a versatile chorus with a leaning towards '80s cheesiness (Def Leppard, the Police type sounds) which the Super Chorus broadly delivers, but having discovered my version is a modern digital pedal, would like you views on whether I'd get better results with the analogue CE-3.

Thanks in advance