I'm building an acoustic set for a 1-2 hour show. I'm wondering what songs you guys would like hearing when you are out at a bar/grill

So far I've got

Bush - Glycerine
Oasis - Wonderwall
tonic - If you could only see
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight
Third Eye Blind - Jumper
Gin Blossoms - Follow you down

Obviously a lot of 90's influences here.

Give your input and list some songs that you'd do!
Ultimate acoustic set list = a show of songs you wrote yourself
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For some reason I think this is a marketing ploy for the "Wow 90's Buzz Ballad's CD"

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erm, i'd have some "the heart of life" by J.Mayer
probably drops of jupiter by train
some blondie is always a winner
aaaand why not throw in a medley while you're at it!
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pride and joy - SRV
yellow ledbetter - Pearl Jam
these days - Nico
crazy on you - Heart
blackbird - the Beatles
new slang - the Shins

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PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
PSN: reldask
All apologies- Nirvana
Take it easy- The Eagles
The Needle and the Damage Done- Neil young
Road trippin- RHCP.
Title and Registration - Death Cab For Cutie
Paper Shoes - Incubus
Have Faith In Me - A Day To Remember

Some (read all) of these are electric, but sound very nice done acoustic.
eagle eye cherry - good pick, that song is the sh!t son!!!

throw some pink floyd in there, but not wish you were here. thats the one everyones expecting. try time, comfortably numb, brain damage/eclipse - something like that, one everybodys heard but hasn't heard everybody on the planet cover it.
exchange wonderwall for dont look back in anger. wonderwall is probably the most overplayed acoustic set song ever.

i also suggest dear prudence by the beatles
The current Tallest Man on Earth set list.

/end thread
Oh yeah.

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