Been seeing a few people do this on videos where they seem to build a song quickly within a minute or something with some sort of pedal, which im assuming is a looper.

I was just wondering if you guys could let me know which one(s) are the best, most affordable, etc..I like stuff thats good quality but its doesnt have to be tons of money of top of the line..

Also, im assuming you just put your guitar through this pedal or whatever it turns out to be and then into your amp? so my electric guitar would be fine, but do you think it would work with a regular acoustic with one of those dean markley electric things or will i need to go and purchase an electric acoustic for that to work?

Thanks very much, please let me know if you have any of these answers or any other advice with this stuff
I reccomend a Boss RC-2 Loop Station.
I have one myself, and let me tell you man, it's awesome. It's small enough to fit alongside any other pedal in a pedal board, the sound quality is perfect, and it's so easy to use!
Check it out
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The RC-2 is not great for live uses, but is cheap and small.

The RC-20 is much better for ease of use, still faqirly cheap.

The Digitech Jamman is good if you need to store loops.

The Digitech Jamman Delay is great as its delay and loop in one pedal.

The Boomarang is ****ing amazing....

The Akai Headrush and Line 6 DL4 are okay, but only have a short loop time.
thanks guys, this is all great so far and ill check things out

tbh, im pretty crap at guitar so this would be just used for fun at home..!
The original 2 pedal Jamman has been replaced by other Jamman models and is getting pretty cheap on eBay. It can be upgraded to 2Gig with a CF card. It's a nice unit.