I just restringed my classical guitar for the first time and I'm starting to think I made a terrible mistake
The first three strings (E, B and G) are made of nylon, and the other three are of steel, just like my old strings.
The problem is that the steel ones sound way too different from the nylon ones, its like playing two completely different instruments. The steel strings make a very noticeable buzz sound, wich sounds cool by itself, but the nylon strings sound clean, so its kinda annoying. My arpeggios are a ****ing joke now...

Anyway, I like to believe that this might be just because they are new and somehow they need to settle or something. As I said before, this is the first time I restring so I'm clueless.

What should I do? Get new strings?

edit: the new strings are "martin blust, classical guitar strings, special silver plated, low tension"
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Yeah, wait a little time, they get theyr sound
In case they won't try thicker one with a little higher tesnsion..should get the buzz away from the "steel" strings which really are nylon strings with a steel or in your case platin wound
Then I'll just give them some time to break in and post back to let you know the results

Thanks guys
You were right. They sound amazing now!

Just wanted to let you know