Well, I have looked into string maintenance but haven't come up with much beyond what I already know. Plus I think my conditions differ a bit.

I play in my garage, (in Louisiana, Humid as shit) where the temperature is easily 100 degrees. So I sweat a bit when I play. I've noticed rather recently that my strings (D'addarios, extra heavy) get REALLY grimy and dirty. I wash my hands a fair bit, and wipe my strings down every time I play. I know strings need to be changed regularly, but I notice grime and rust within about a week of changing my strings.

I suppose question #1 would be: Are D'addarios a terrible choice of strings? I've heard they really don't last long, and IIRC, I don't have this problem with my other guitar stringed with EB regulars (10-46). Might switching to another string brand help?

Second question: Outside of coated strings (I can't find any in the proper gauge) what are some good ways to reduce grime and rust on electric guitar strings? (I know the humidity doesn't help, lol)

PS: I suppose since I'm asking about strings, I'll ask this too.

Would upping the string gauge with my guitar tighten my distortion for low tunings?
Say an increase from 12-60 to 13-65, on a 24.75" scale neck (les paul neck)? With this kind of neck, will the flub ever really go away?
So, use Ernie Ball strings, their good...
And put "fast fret" on the strings before and after playing..go to you local guitar shop, they should have it there, in case they have not get it anywhere else
It's good
Thicker strings = higher tension = lower tunigs
As simple as that
But why the heck so thick strings?
I mean, I play a 10-60 for Slipknot's Drop B Tuning?!
Where do you have your guitar tuned to?
drop A?
Drop G?
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Ernie Ball doesn't make strings of big enough for my tuning. Do you down tune a Les Paul? The shorter neck needs bigger strings for even stuff like C standard to not sound like mud...

If I was down tuning my LTD on the other hand...
i run through each string with a bit of tissue each time i'm done playing.
it makes them last a tiny bit longer.

you could try coated strings. though they're more expensive, and some don't like them.
i did notice that d'addarios seem to go black early.
I have had the same problem with D'addario strings rusting in the humidity, for whatever reason they do faster. I don't have any solution, i just wanted to let you know you are not alone lol.
Thanks, I really appreciate it guys.

Anyway, I'm looking into fast fret and also hoping to experiment with other strings.

These come to mind: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/DR-Strings-Drop-Down-Tuning-Mega-Heavy-Guitar-Strings?sku=585437

They have a set thats the same as what I currently use and this set, which is bigger all around. Hopefully these don't rust out in a week...