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I don't seem to be making any progress on the guitar at the moment, and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for new solo's or songs I could learn? If not is there any finger exercises I could do to help build up my speed? I have just learnt the Iron Man solo and that is the best I can do. I don't really mind what Genre it is. Thanks
Afterlife by anvenged Sevenfold
Rusty old boat by Paul Gilbert
stuff like that anything by bullet for my Valentine and Avenges Sevenfold..
try learning nirvana theyre songs are very easy. and i noticed when i first started played metallica's songs helped me get used to techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, sliding, arpeggiating, and other things. learn the song "the unforgiven" from beginning to end. that song and "nothing else matters" are pretty easy songs. after you learn them try to play "fade to black" from start to end. the solo is incredible and will give you a good experience with different techniques. also try "seek and destroy"
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learn songs by the fall of troy

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What I always do when I'm in a mood like that, I just go through my iTunes folder on shuffle, and when a song come son that seems to be on my level and I like the sound of, I try to learn it!
This may sound weird but when I feel like that I play through some of the songs I know and think about when I couldn't play them. It makes me feel a little better.
But try to challange yourself. Learn solos and diffrent skills.
A few songs that helped me was:
Dokken-Unchain the Night
Run to the Hills-Iron Mainden
Slayer-Angel of Death
Lay off the guitar for a while then come back to it.

Why did you put a face on a topic like this?
Hmm I get like that from time to time. Like you've hit an invisible ceiling and you just can't get past it. Try giving songs a rest and spend a few weeks or even a few months just working strictly on your technique.
It's also never a bad idea to just take a break from playing for a little while or just stop to appreciate how awesome electric guitar sounds. You get too caught up in practicing and you forget what you're practicing for.
First, learning easy songs wont get you any better. I think you think you are not making any progress because we all hit a wall from time to time and it may even seem you are aplying worse but it's because you are progressing very slowly at this point.

I'd say dont play if you think "you have to". Just do it when you feel like so. If you can put one hour a day into it, practice scales or whatever 1/3 of your time, then I'd say another 1/3 of improvisation and then if you want some covers.

Also if you are so worried about speed, try Guitar Speed Trainer. It seems to be a good software but it'll cost a few bucks if you "need" to buy it.

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Do these http://www.myguitarsolo.com/gym.htm

And play what you enjoy. Everyone hits a plateau here and there, the only thing that ever kept me going at those time was playing music that I loved and doing the best i could to learn what I wanted to. Find some songs that you like and look them up. Try to play something that you think is just a little harder than what you can easily learn and keep at it until you can perfect it. If you are learning songs that you already have the skills to play you are not going to progress that much.
A few random things that help me when i hit that stupid wall:

Buy something for your guitar. About 8 years ago when i first started out, i hit a wall and was losing motivation. I bought a cheap multieffects pedal, one of those digitech somethin-rathers, and totally opened up my imagination to playing, it made playing scales fun wich led to me being able to play songs easier. Still to this day whenever i buy a new effects pedal i get more motivation.

Find a song by your favorite band and learn it all the way through. Learn the solo and everything. Be prepared to take a few days or more to learn the whole song, play it slow at first and just work your way up. Once you get it down all the way you will get a boost of motivation and youll end up learning more songs.

Sometimes i dont have any concentration to play cause of my ADD, so what i just did right now was completely reorganize my room, maximizing my guitar/computer/music area so theres no distractions and everything is layed out perfectly, now i have a organized place to jam with no distractions. Maybe that was just my OCD kicking in that made me re arange my room.
Learn the pentatonic scale across all six strings. It's a common scale in some Metal and will definitely build dexterity.
Try a song that you couldn't imagine playing. I learnt the Crazy Train solo when I was stuck after a month after not even being close to being able to play it. Then I could. Just challenge yourself and keep working on it, and you'll get it eventually.
easy solos? hmm. little thing called love - Queen, carry you - dispatch

what do you mean? in terms of speed? are you talking the end of iron man or the middle jam session part?

good ones to work on are santeria - sublime, hold my hand - hootie, two princes - spin doctors. all pretty simple stuff, nothing crazy fast. however they do have bursts of fast parts that use pretty fundamental finger movements especially for rock/blues.

2 great ones are i want it all - queen and the solos from rck you like a hurricane. to get them perfect takes practices and a lot of memorization but its nothing to crazy. i have the skills and have them 95% but i still play them to try to tweak a few notes here and there.

these two solos have burst of pretty fast parts (nothing super shredding, but they get fast) that do take finger dexterity and speed to get (for example the very end of the i want it all solo is a fast little lick that is SWEET. i love that)

in these you must get good at hammer ons/ pull offs/ legato and bends. you do use your pinky a bit, or you should.

im sure a million others do the same things, but these are just some solos ive played that i found were key to helping me practice some nessesary skills.