Hey Guys,

Seems like a pretty active forum so i thought I would pop in here with a beginners question.

I am thinking of learning to play guitar as a hobby, I prefer the sound of acoustic guitar but am told it can be a little more troublesome to start from nothing on an acoustic.

I was also advised that electro-acoustic was the way to go as a comprise for a new player.

Two questions!

1) Is the advice I received true, would I best starting on electro-acoustic (I am also a bit of a music software user so I guess this has other benefits too) or should i go straight for normal acoustic

2) Does anyone have model suggestions for a starter? I was told Lindo guitars have a good electro acoustic range for beginners which are cheap, anyone used this brand and are they any good or have other recommended models?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can spare time for a few clues.


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Electric acoustics generally play pretty much exactly the same as acoustics. The only real difference is the capability to plug an electric acoustic into an amp.