Hi all,

I haven't been playing long, but the current guitar I have (one I got in a pack with gear4music) loses its tuning really quickly and the build quality is really poor.

I'm looking for something within the £100 mark bit could stretch slightly more if needs be to get a decent guitar.

I've been looking at an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, Epiphone SG Special, I know this type of thread has been done to death but just wondered if you could help

Thanks in advance.
Epiphone guitars are just cheap copies of other good guitars, mostly. However for just 100 pounds, I don't think you'll find a better alternative.
I'm not sure about in pounds...but I know the lowest I'll go for an axe is around $400. Anything that I've played that was cheaper than my LTD F-50 (around $450) I hated the sound of. Try and save up!
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Cheers guys, I dont really want to spend a fortune on a guitar while I'm learning at the moment. In the future I don't think it would be a problem.
The low end Epiphones aren't very good, especially those two. IMO If you were going to get an Epi I wouldn't get anything lower than a Classic. The Studios are okay, but the others will be better.

Another alternative is looking at some of the knockoff brands in the UK (Im assuming where you are if you use the currency of pounds). Like Tokai and Vintage. Also do you have an amp? Thats where most of your sound is going to come from tone wise if thats what you are looking for.

EDIT: 100 british pounds is like 160 US dollars right? Try and find a used guitar. You aren't going to get a good new guitar at all while you can get a decent used guitar for that price.
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Epiphones are crap until you hit the £500 instruments i'm afraid.
Can't go wrong with a Squier, best one you can find. A brand new Strat is £150 i think, maybe less. They're built solidly and hold tune surprisingly well. Tone wise they're average at best, but tone shouldn't be your priority at the moment - playability should.