In all seriousness, if you were to go for an 80s Glam Metal look, what leather boots would you choose? What brand etc etc etc? I'm totally clueless when it comes to boots as I've been wearing "skater" shoes my whole life up until now. Looking for something thats not cowboy-y or mountain climby.

Suggestions anyone? Pics help a lot. Tried Googling of course, not finding much, not really sure what I'm looking for.
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Oops, forgot to mention one thing ... color = black.
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We're goin' a bit girly here >.> not wanting to go "Glam" as far as the makeup and stuff, just the leather clothing.
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Kiss much?


Think something like Yngwies boots here ... where do I even get something like that?
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I misread the title as Leather boobs.

Now i am disappointed and think that thread would have been better.
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new rocks. they pretty much work for any genre except pop punk.. they arent the best to jump around like a retard in

i'm Ginger its fun
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I'd probably just wear a pair of Nike Airs.

Do not want.
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On behalf of the 21st century, please don't.
Get yourself some square toed boots. They might be a little too redneck for your taste but they look pretty sleek imo
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They wore a lot of cowboy boots and white sneakers high top or low top and biker boots with the rings on the side. I would say the Cowboy boots and the White sneakers were the most popular. Here is a web sight of a bunch of cool retro style sneakers some I posted below
*really bright sneakers*

He wants to look like Yngwie, not Screech.
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Master Johns in Toronto made most of the boots for rock stars in the 70s, Kiss, Bowie etc. Don't know if they are still around, probably.
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Screw leather.

Snakeskin is where it's at.

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