looking into getting a new guitar, fender jaguar, but the only one in the local store is the HH. I play punk (minor threat, sex pistols, bad brains) grunge (nirvana, mudhoney, alice in chains) and thrash (pantera, metallica, megadeth) but really am looking for a Cobain sound.

Anyways should I go with the HH or should i wait to find a better Jaguar? Basically whats the difference and what should I go with?
Actually the Humbuckers might actually be a good choice for what you are looking for. Cobain actually played a Jagstang which I believe was Humbucker bridge/ Single coil neck. The Humbuckers will be much better for the chuggy and distorted sound of Thrash and most of the grunge. Single coils are brighter and IMO more lively on the cleans but do not take distorion as well. They get muddy and noisy with too much distortion.
With the Jaguar HH you have these two roller controlls on the guitar that control the output of the pickups, or at least my Jaguar HH does, but I have the player's classic edition.

Be prepared, because this guitar is NOISY! Perfect for punk, I would imagine.
If it's the Classic Player HH model, that has variable coil splits. If it is the Special Edition HH version (easy to tell - it has a tune-o-matic and stopbar bridge and only comes in a black & chrome finish) then that has a more versatile tone layout including a bass cut for a much brighter tone while staying hum-cancelling. Of course you could wire in extra coil splits if you wanted or you could replace the pickups with humbucker-sized P-90s for a brighter and clearer tone.

Though if you play both punk and metal of any kind then I would suggest you stick to humbuckers. For what it's worth, Kurt used humbuckers or the combined positions of his single coil guitars just as much as (if not more than) he did plain single coils.
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The humbuckers in the HH special edition aren't quite the PAF type everyone knows and loves there more like Fender Humbuckers which are pretty trebley.
I play that exact guitar and I used to play punk before getting into more metal kinda stuff. And I can honestly say it is excellent. Get it. Now.
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The humbuckers in the HH special edition aren't quite the PAF type everyone knows and loves there more like Fender Humbuckers which are pretty trebley.
Agreed! The popular SD '58/JB combo sounds pretty good on this one.

Even the discontinued MIJ JagStang would benefit from PU upgrades. Mine currently has a Bill Lawrence L500 bridge and L250 neck, very versatile.

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Cobain actually played a Jagstang...

No he didn't.

Cobain actually played dozens of guitars, mostly Mustangs and Jaguars, as well as some Strats.

The Jagstang was designed as a signature guitar for him however he didn't like it and it was never beyond a prototype at the time of his death, the production version was never completed within his lifetime.


The HH Jaguar should be well suited to what you play, although you may end up wishing to swap the bridge pickup for something else.
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alright thanks everyone for your help...

basically what i am understanding is get the guitar (as long as it feels good and sounds good) and change the pickups?