Have you guys been to Cash crate? I made like 5 bucks answering surveys.

Haha I know this sounds like spam, but this is crazy,and you dont need to input any credit card info, I am posting this because if you click this link, I make money for every survey you complete, it wont effect you in any way though, Im only at 4.75 but once you reach 20 bucks they send you a check in the mail, its awesome haha, but it means you need to input your real address, but you dont in the offers just the website
Im sorry for the spam guys i just feel like some of you will really like this as much as i do, its fun to do when you are doing nothing.
Check it out.
Each offer you complete gives you like 50c to 1 dollar
No way, $5? You can like, get a burger with that!

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My bro used to do this, he said its a scam.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.