I'm not a bassist, but im in the middle of recording bass for a song i wrote. So, i have 2 questions about how to record bass. First one is, when there is a metal breakdown and the guitar is palm muted, should i palm mute the bass as well? Question 2: when recording bass for a riff like this:

should i play exactly that on the bass, or should i just play root notes?
Those are both things that are completely up to you. Do what you think sounds better
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You can palm mute the notes but you don't have to, personally I only like palm muted bass notes if there is distortion.

This is all up to you, either play that or the root notes, either will work.
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Oh ok. Well like i said, im not a bassist, so i wasnt sure which was more common/prefered for ppl to play/record. Thanks for the feedback