Okay, I have got a ESP LTD KH-202, and a Epiphone LP Special II. I was looking for a good electric that plays a little better than the LTD. I want something where if you pinch a note, it comes out well. I want a little bit of versatility, and I play alot of styles of metal (Heavy, Thrash, Death, Melodic Death, Progressive, Symphonic ect.) I play alot of Children of Bodom, Metallica, and the like, along with instrumental stuff like Gilbert, Malmsteen,Vai and Satriani, if any of that helps.Brand doesnt really matter, and I'm looking for around 600 USD and less. Suggestions?
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Pinches are in the technique, not the gear. But as for guitars to look at, look for a used Ibanez RG1570 if you don't mind the thin neck.
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