I am going to be receiving a old Jackson Rhodes rr3 model soon,i want a practice amp around $250 I like the peavy vyper but i also heard for another 100 dollars i can get a decent tube amp. I play iron maiden old metalica pantera judas preist and other bands like that.I am willing to buy used also.
A little over your price range, but i just bought a Marshall Class5, it does Maiden. Maybe look at the smaller VOX.

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250 would only be in a vypyr range, 350 could get you a JCA20, or a Bugera V22, or a Used Valveking, a Bugera can go to metal when it's gain is cranked, Valvekind is a mabye, I think, JCA20 is also doable, as long as you don't always max the gain...
okay i found a bugera v22 used for 280 but i heard it had some reliability issues i like the sound from what i have heard but does does it have high enough gain for pantera type stuff?
Don't get a Bugera, ew...

The Jet City JCA20 is literally one of the best amps I've played in a LONG time, it holds it own against amps I've owned that are 10x its price. Has plenty of gain for those bands as well.
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i the only jet city amps i can find on ebay is the JCA2112RC JCA 2112 and the JCA12S how good are they compared to the jca20
250 can easily get you a valveking 112 and if you could get extra for a cab the jet city is an awsome head
Are you looking at using delay and the distortion on your amp? If so, you'll probably need an effects loop; my only real beef with the Jet City 20 is that it doesn't have one.