my english isnt very good so i will get right to the point, i use a pod x3 live hooked directly to the PA when i gig but i whant to get an amp to use it as a monitor, a friend is selling me a Line 6 Flextone II XL for about 205 Dlls is that a good deal? i ONLY need it to monitor nothing more, i was gonna get a Frontman 212R or maybe a Roland Cube-80, any toughts? my budget is aprox 400 Dlls max i repeat i ONLY need it to monitor.

PS. if you could correct any grammar or syntax usage it would be greatly apreciated
So you'll be hooking up one of your pod inputs to the flextone? Honestly i don't recommend it because a modeller plugged into a monitor doesnt sound the greatest you'll probably have trouble monitoring yourself anyway.
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why dont u get a powered moniter for like 150-300 dollars?

yeah. or get a keyboard amp or something, it doesnt even really matter if the place has floor monitors

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