So I've been at it for a good while now and all I've gotten was a bit faster, a broken e string and a cramp on my fingers.

Anyone got any pointers besides the obvious 'practice'.
I'm worried that I'm missing a key or some good advice because this lick is kicking my ass.


Never heard full bending being played so fast. I can bend up very easy and fast but bending up and going back down is a lot harder
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yea dude its easy stuff, but its the double bends, u bend the second string to the note of the first string, like u play the 12th fret on the high e-string at the same time while u bend the 15th fret on the b-string
No I know how to play those types of bends. I meant the part right after.
Plays during 5:39
Kirk's good with fast full bends, listen to the end of the Master of Puppets solo.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxNoAxb2IrM&feature=related at about 7:25
They aren't really hard to play so I don't know what kind of advice to give you, just try different ways of moving your hand and fingers to get the speed you want
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First off, make sure you're bending properly, the power comes from the wrist. You may want to look up correct bending technique just to be sure.
Secondly, you said you broke your high E: I'd play those bends on the B string and the unbent note on the high E, e.g.

This makes it a lot easier to change between the bent note and the unbent note and also allows you to get more fingers behind the bend (I'd use the ring finger on the 22nd fret of the B string, the middle finger behind it, helping out with the bend and the index finger on the 19th fret of the high E string).
Hope something in there helped.
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