My mic (AT2020) sounds great, especially for the money! However, I've started to use it for mic'ing my amp and I have one little problem with it. It picks up the percussive sounds my pick makes and my strums. I just want to hear the amp, obviously...

So will I need a new mic? Or are there simpler, cheaper solutions? What kind of mic will I need, if I do need one?

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You're using it to mic your amp and it's picking up pick and string noise. You have to realize that you're asking the mic to faithfully reproduce what you're playing, but you don't want it to pick up the unwanted noise.

You have a couple of options here. One is to filter the unwanted sounds in post, or improve your technique to play a little cleaner. You can also try rolling off the EQ on your amp. That might help a little.
well you could move the amp further away.

you could turn up the amp so you dont have to have the gain on the mic so high

you could make sure you're playing somewhere behind the mic and not off to the side or behind your amp.

you could get a dynamic mic. it would help if all the above doesn't work.
You are using a condenser mic and those do tend to pick up room noise quite a bit. I can only suggest a few things.

1) Try staying away from the amp when playing and you should be fine.
2) Try a different style guitar pick
3) EQ notching. If the sound is faint, you can probably notch it out with the EQ plugins on your software however overdoing this will probably change the tone quite a bit.

Be aware that condensers are brighter by nature and may make picking noise stand out a little more than usual. I personally stay away from condensers when playing the guitar in the same room. I think the Senn e609 or Shure SM57 are good choices to start out on.
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