So... there's this big problem that's going on here, and I would like to hear whatever you have to say.
Iwas with this girl (not a relationship problem, so don't redirect me to the relationships thread) a couple months ago. People think I had a lot of problems (involving drugs and the underworld) and I loved her and was happy with her. She's 15 and I'm 19, turning 20 in September.
Eventually, we broke up because I had a problem and had to flee to another country (yep, that's right ).
After that, she realizes that whatever she had with me wasn't a good thing, and she began to like this other guy. Things went on and now he's with her, he's turning 18 in October. Well, this I returned a couple of weeks ago, and I was trying to bring things back together with her, but she doesn't want anything to do with me. Her parents talked to me, but I'm not giving up. I know that she is "the one" for me, and that she still has feelings for me. She says she doesn't, but she can't convince me of that, says that I'm not listening.
So, the I showed up at her house a couple hours ago, while she was alone in her house.
I didn't tried anything, and it's a good thing since it's safe for both (I have been seriously threatened and so has she) and since she isn't capable of convincing me of giving up. She went to him for advice, but all he could say to her was to advice her to speak to somebody else, her mother being the best one here, that if she does not feel able to reaaaaally persuade me of giving up (she doesn't have a strong character, and I'm never gonna give her up).

So, seriously talking, what do you think should be the best thing to do here?
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So, seriously talking, what do you think should be the best thing to do here?

Go to the relationship thread.
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