I don't think my powered mixer has outputs for monitors(No aux outputs). Can I take an cheaper mixer, plug in the monitors, and plug into the powered one? Or something? This mixer cost me enough money to expect monitors to work with it, and I'd like to know how i can do it
If it is attatched to an amp and doesnt go shred...what...what the hell is it?? Eww..
Your powered mixer doesn't have outputs?!
Just get adapters if the sizes/types of outputs aren't right.

I wouldn't advise doing that if the powered mixer is putting out a really strong signal.
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You can plug one mixer into the other with no problem. But you explanation of your problem is confusing. Are your monitors powered? Even powered mixers have line level outputs. Why do you want to use 2 mixers? Why not just use the one that works with your monitors?