I'm completely new to guitar. While I work my way through the FR set up thread to figure out whats what I just have a few questions regarding my guitar. Might be obvious but I have to start somwhere right?

The obvious things that need doing are;
The locknut is missing. Is there anything I can measure to make sure I get the right size when ordering online?
Are the little block things that clamp down onto the strings generic? I don't need a particular shape/size/whatever?

I noticed the gap between the strings and frets is more or less the same at the 24th and 1st, but gets larger inwards from both ends towards the 12th. The strings still have some tension but aren't tuned. Will this go away after I figure out how to give it a proper set-up/tune or could the neck not be straight?

Trem bar and pickup switch rubber bit are missing but easy fix for these two.
Guitar is a Vester, pics attatched.

Whoops, maybe should have posted in this thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=602241 sorry.
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First, to directly answer your questions:

No, the lock nut blocks are not generic. Any block will not do. You will need a Floyd Rose lock nut block, 3 of them.
It is possible that your neck isn't straight. However, you did not post a picture of neck so I can't really tell. Get someone to look at it.
But the Guitar Setup thread is definitely pure gold. Use that a lot.

Here's what I recommend you do ASAP, TS:

1) Go to a guitar shop and have them setup your guitar. You'll want a professional to set up and replace the missing parts the first time. They're less likely to break it as well. (Also, doing this will make step 2 more useful later.)
2) Also buy a guitar repair guide, such as "Guitar Player Repair Guide" by Dan Erlewine. This handy book tells you how to fix almost everything that could possibly break on your guitar. What's immediately important for you is the section on how to set up floyd rose (and other similar) tremolo systems. You'll need to have this info when you replace your strings in about a month or two.
3) Ask UG if you have any more issues.
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Thanks for the reply and info.
The guitar needs a serious clean which is going to take hours which is why I wanted to do it myself while the strings were off. I doubt the guitar shop person is going to sit around for hours cleaning the fretboard and bridge area. But yeah a professional set-up first off is probably a better idea.