he's ridiculous in a ridiculous kind of way. my favorite project of his would have to be faith no more, i guess.
i think his best is Mr. Bungle. definately his most creative.
but damn his Tomahawk stuff is really good to!
have any of yall checked out the EP he did with Dillinger Escape Plan?
I loved him with Bring Me The Horizon.
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Who the fuck is this Mike Patton nigga?
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I heard My Ass is on Fire when I was drunk and thought it was the greatest thing ever, but I never could get into his stuff.
I hate everything he has ever touched. Except Mr.Bungle, which wouldn't have been too bad if he wasn't singing.
i'll go with mr. bungle for my favourite mike patton band.
i swear i hear something new with the dude in every day. he features on a dnb song by the qemists (lost weekend) which i love atm
Mr. Bungle. California is probably one of my top five favorite albums of all time.
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I'd have to say Mr. Bungle since that was the first project of his I got into but I love everything he has done. Fantomas is one of my fav bands.
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