BBE Green Screamer vs Maxon OD808

i keep hearing alot of good things about the BBE

how well does it work as a straight boost into a
high gain amp for tightening the overall sound?

we all know the OD808 is a proven success and is very popular.
i have played both and own a BBE Green Screamer. i have never A/B'd them so i am only basing this off what i remember. the green screamer i remember seemed a little bit warmer, but not much. they are both 808 circuits, which i believe they are either the same or very similar chip. the green screamer works great, but i swear it colors my tone the slightest bit when on bypass.

i use it to boost the valveking and it works great. i like the green screamer a lot more than the ts9 i was using previously.

i think you should give the digitech bad monkey a look. it works great for boosting without cutting bass as many ts type pedals do because it has a bass knob. i bought mine for $30 and it was a floor model.
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OD808 is very similar to a TS10, which is similar to a TS7. A couple simple mods and you save lots of money. Never played the GS, but you may as well get an OD9 and mod it to 808 specs.
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The BBE is a modded 808 clone. It's nice as a stand alone OD but it doesn't cut enough bass to tighten things up. A standard TS7 would work better and be plenty reliable for $40.
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I own the Green Screamer - it works very nicely for tightening up your amps distortion - and it's a pretty low gain OD as well. Although it could do with just a touch more bass response.
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Never played the GS, but you may as well get an OD9 and mod it to 808 specs.

The OD-9 is more expensive than the OD-808...

I went to GC a few years ago and tried out a shit ton of ODs, I walked away with the OD-808. The Green Screamer was good, however, the OD-808 was just in a whole different class IMO. Someone offered to trade me a Fulltone OCD for it a few months back and I almost took it, but after playing an OCD again, I really like how that pedal sounds, but it just can't do what the OD-808 does. Would be nice to own both though!
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The Green Screamer if you're on a tight budget, but nothing can touch the classic tubescreamer sound like an OD808. I used to own one from the 80's, probably should have kept it.
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I tried pretty much EVERY OD pedal GC has back to back. Fulltone, Maxxon, Boss, Ibanez, Digitech (hardwire) and a couple more I can't remember.
Of ALL of them, regardless of price, I liked the Green Screamer best. The hardwire was nice, but was the noisiest OD pedal I have ever tried! The BBE was one of the quietest and sounded a LOT better than some of the very expensive pedals.
It DOES tighten your sound up well. Dollar for dollar, I think it's the best OD pedal out there.
That said, I eventually decided I just needed a clean boost on my crunch channel, and went with a 7 band EQ in front of the amp...more tone shaping, less noise.
I MIGHT still go back to the BBE...the footswitch on a Dano Fish and Chips is a joke LOL!
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